The new reality in the last decade than any effect characterized by “flat world”, there is no limit to the possibilities of information, there is no barrier for creating connections and carry out work outsourced. All available at the touch of a button, the increasing pace of events and the requirement to respond quickly in order to remain relevant.
In reality also resumed sales, known and holy triangle between the seller – the product – and the client was smashed. Center of the latest model is a new dominant element, an undisputed dictator, which is the world of marketing and advertising. No exaggeration important if the soil store digital signage used in sales surrounded by the stars of familiar products and different customers. Evolution of advertising is a fascinating process, the lender also developing human and industrial development of any kind, ranging from mechanical engineering to media. Big Brother “and preferred the world of advertising is digital signage in retail stores. To date, benefited from service digital advertising giant corporations or banks, merchants systems were expensive and complex, demanding a server, technical people and a complex infrastructure. Today Signage Master introducing appropriate solution for small and witty, from boutique shop, simple, low cost, but for full consideration.
  • Unlike street advertising sign, digital signage is not limited to the number of permanent images, does not create dependency in the pattern, a sub-contractor for hanging the product and unreasonable costs.
  • Opposed to advertising on radio, digital signage retail stores allows better visualization by uploading photos, videos, and text.
  • Unlike television advertising, digital signage allows self-control update in real time and remotely.
  • Unlike advertising flyer, digital signage is a green revolution for the environment and significantly reduces the use of paper in vain, in an easy to operate, update, self design has the ability to manage corporate memory.
  • Unlike any other advertising medium, digital signage allows for the purpose of passive income source by selling airtime.
  • Retail Stores with digital signage can talk to the customer without having to invest that manpower.
  • Retail Stores with digital signage client can expose a wider range of products and services, they have been exposed until now entering the store.
  • With digital signage you can sell future goods, the audience reactions can edit a free market survey and inventory purchases.
  • Retail Stores with digital signage product can be promoted depending on inventory
There are other advantages digital signage in retail stores:
  • update the display in real time, distance, depending on the time of day and changing needs.
  • Safety Update, news and weather.
  • dynamic-looking, progressive, empowering the experience of visiting and engaging the attention.
  • Increased awareness, participation and satisfaction.
And with minimal effort you can realize better the existing suspicious store nice setup and use digital signage in retail stores.