As part of the enriching experience of the student, digital advertising on campus additive knowledge, (Declaration on events, schedule changes, cancellation of classes, etc.) and additive promotional sale (courses, benefits, products helped students, etc.) as a dynamic, breathing is updated in real time.

Addition to the information presented, the screens pleasant time students, with entertainment content enhances the experience of the student and allows him to stare at the screen for a long time and fun, while at the same time presented a marketing plan that will raise the percentage of sales on campus
Digital Signage content keeps the show interesting, informed, and relevant, all ads are scheduled outdated ads are automatically dropped

Screens can display all types of content such as videos, images, Flash, RSS and more variety of options. Display system can connect to systems of the same educational institution and pull out information such as calendar hours, site updates, etc.

Active Display System allows you to keep the audience students are always updated with current information.