Today digital screens are available to deliver content and marketing messages to passersby, but that’s not the main purpose, in restaurants and cafes have made digital signage screens to be integral in shaping the restaurant and innovative and luxurious

Using digital menu owner can provide clients with real pictures of dishes stimulate the senses, promote sales of specials and thereby increase the percentage of the sale of the business and not be dependent solely sales and mood of the staff.

Customers are hungry for innovation and business owners are looking for meaningful differentiation against competitors.
Digital signage network branches in strategic locations, provides a visual display eye-catching and enhances the entertainment experience of the customer and improve service levels.
Digital menu allows central control network and update prices immediately all branches with one click.
Side dishes are attractively, illustrates and helps in the process of the decision by the customer and increases the average per person.
Additionally, digital menus to significantly reduce the costs of the printed menu updates. Allowing immediate update of new dishes, prices and promotions