Digital building directories often present information and detailed maps to help building tenants and guests to navigate throughout the property. Building guides can be static or interactive and can show different types of content at once, depending on what message you want to convey to your audience. For example, an apartment building may put library building lobby to assist residents and visitors to find their way to the gym, look for the phone number to the main office and alert occupants building important alerts and notifications. Office building of the company can use in building digital directory to show a list of interactive office then show the user the best route to navigate to their desired location.

Corporate office buildings, universities, hospitals and hotels all know the value digital signage provides that it is easy to communicate construction information and messages with visitors and guests. Digital Boards offers structured elements that make installation and deployment of building directory easy. With both data integration and way-finding capabilities, Our software gives you the tools to build a digital signage network create value for visitors, guests and tenants.