Many department stores and huge stores, international airports, upscale restaurants, banks and visitor centers – most of them, choosing the ultimate and most impressive solutions from Signage Master. The most spectacular solutions, creating an unforgettable experience are walls and dynamic screens that display continuous or split image, they can enhance the brand, customer experience and create a unique atmosphere.

Video walls, or on behalf of professional design Signage Master are a variety of ways and multiple options to create an atmosphere that enhances the business environment, brands and messages through videos, photos and messages and visual and verbal. In addition, they allow the business view and control remote content on different screens, while connecting or splitting the content between them. There is no doubt that these are marketing tools of the highest order, users design techniques and branding the business. Through which brands can design, refine messaging, strengthen customer loyalty and shape the atmosphere.



Advantages of Video wall

  • Marketing tool of the first order to create an atmosphere and customer experience, integrated into the existing design and architectural design
  • Configuration malleable and adaptable to existing space in various sizes and options
  • Content displays a maximum resolution creating extremely high image quality
  • Configuration malleable and adaptable to existing space in various sizes and options
  • Up to 12 different content areas and dynamic synchronized, replaceable push-button programming or pre- Capable of playing video files, music, photos, and Flash technology, including support for multiple layers of dynamic content sources
  • Management and remote control of the content displayed at all branches of business, adapted to the needs and characteristics of each endpoint, using only a single PC
  • You can side and professional service includes – creative management, editing and production of visual content dedicated
  • Integrates with other solutions, such as the promotion screens and switching points of sale Musical